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  • Created for a Purpose

    Posted on August 16th, 2012 rhonda No comments

    The eye cannot say to the hand, “I don’t need you!”  And the head cannot say to the feet, “I don’t need you!”

    1 Corinthians 12:21

    It really hurts to feel unappreciated.  It especially hurts to feel that you’ve done the best you could, and your best efforts are not enough, especially when you are looking for a job.  In today’s job market, there are a lot of “eyes” saying they don’t need “hands”.  I thank God that I have been gainfully employed consistently – and at times I’ve still felt unappreciated.  What about people who are unemployed?

    I have helped the unemployed get ready for work.  If you have been steadily employed during this recession – praise God.  For people who are looking – keep your head up.  Remember that finding a job is a job.  Looking for a job in this economy can be a lonely and discouraging process.  In fact, calculations of the unemployment rate do not take into consideration the “discouraged work force” – those people who can physically/mentally work, but have been looking for so long that they lost hope & gave up.  There aren’t enough jobs around for people who have no more than a high school diploma, or who maybe don’t have state-of-the-art technological skills, or who lack experience, or have too much(!) experience.  Unfortunately, rent & utilities must still be paid & people still have to eat. I feel we get so focused on what people cannot do, that we lose sight of what they can do.  Everyone wants the perfect employee, even though there is no such thing as perfection.

    About a year ago, I read a lovely book, Blessed Unrest, by Paul Hawken.  (See for more information.)  One small point, among many, that he made is that in the natural world, nothing goes to waste.  Trees, animals and people die and then fertilize the earth.  Mr. Hawken also said that in simpler times, everyone’s labor was needed.  There was always work available for every able-bodied person who wanted to work.  There’s something perverse about people being unable to find work.  It’s almost like saying they have no meaningful contribution to make, which is absurd.  God’s word says that He created us all with a purpose.

    My word for today is appreciate.  Webster’s says that “to appreciate is to exercise wise judgment, delicate perception, and keen insight in realizing the worth of something”.  According to the same dictionary, appreciate also means “to be grateful for”.  Again, God says that He created us all with a purpose.  I think one small step to finding a job is to appreciate your own gifts so that you can start to figure out what setting you fit in the best.



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    • Great post!

      I have been fortunate to have been steadily employed, but at the same time I am feeling called to another path. My unrest lies in having the strength and courage to do what I am feeling I have been created to do, but that would mean giving up the ‘security’ of the steady employment, which feels irresponsible for the sake of providing for my family. I battle between the notions of “doing what’s appropriate” and “trusting God”.

      I honestly feel lulled by the apparent “safety” of the steady employment. I feel it’s actually keeping me from doing what I am most passionate about, and how I can make the greatest positive impact in people’s lives. I feel like I’m on a precepice, about to launch in a new direction, but clinging on to the familiar.

      I would love to read any wisdom you would be willing to share for my situation.

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