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  • My Soul Looks Back & Wonders

    Posted on June 6th, 2013 rhonda No comments

    “How I got over, how I got over
    How I got over, how I got over
    My soul looks back and wonder how I got over . . . .

    I wanna thank Him because He brought me
    I wanna thank Him because He taught me
    I wanna thank Him because He kept me
    I wanna thank Him because He never left me”

    I woke up on Friday with a song in my head – Aretha Franklin’s version of How I Got Over.  To wonder means “to stand back in awe and amazement; to marvel at”.  I listened to the song a few times before I went to work.  By midday, I was wondering at God.


    Previously I wrote about how the last few years have been a struggle for me.  I was angry at God.  I was angry, in part, because I felt God allowed my enemies to harass and exploit me.  I wrote to God, and actually asked Him if He loved me.  If He did, then when was He going to get revenge for me?  Well, now I can see His justice on the horizon.  There are a group of individuals who have been a thorn in my side for a while.  On Friday, I got news that they were starting to be exposed for what they are.  That bit of news lifted my spirits. 
    When my soul did look back and wondered about how I got over, I know that it was staying in the presence of God.  In addition to Sunday, I started going to mid-week and evening services as often as I could.  I shared a lot of what I was taught on this site.  Months ago, I wrote about a sermon where the Pastor told us to celebrate, in preparation for the victory, because the “Egyptian” that’s pursuing us, is an “Egyptian” we will never see again.  Hallelujah.


    When your soul looks back and wonders, how did you get over?  Let us know.

    “And the God of all grace,

    Who called you to His eternal glory in Christ,

    After you have suffered a little while,

    Will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm, and steadfast.

    To Him be the power for ever and ever.


    I Peter 5:10-11


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    • Rhonda,

      Praise the Lord that you are back to share your posts with us again.
      Focus on God and allow Him to deal with these people because God wants to make them grow too.
      Thank you for your posts.


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